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What we are looking for:

We're open to almost any type of influencer and blogger as long as we can see a connection to our brand. That said, here’s what we are looking for in terms of content and material:

  • Blogging: Travel blogs are amazing! We're looking to build a "press" page on our website, so once we get 3 or so bloggers talking about us, we want to launch that page and promote what you have to say. We are always looking for strong writers, and we want to promote you just like you promoted us!  

  • Video: We are looking for someone to make a professional video touring the property and showing Little Bay, Jamaica. Ideally, this could be something to be posted to our website and to show potential guests. We're looking for someone that could connect with families and has a genuine, nice personality.     

  • Social Media and Photography: Photos can definitely tell a story! We want to showcase to guests the real Jamaica, our property, and various excursions that can be done in the area. If you have skills in photography, we’re definitely interested!

Our Goals & Additional Notes:

We want bloggers and influencers to have the same personalized experience that we give any other guest that stays with us at Coral Cottage Jamaica, and we welcome you during any season! Use our calendar on Airbnb and find an opening in our calendar and send us a message. Our goal is to give you an authentic experience so that you have plenty of material to use!

Our Jamaican team will bend over backwards to make your stay special. Since Jamaica is a tipping culture, giving our staff a tip is always something that we hope you do!

Pitch your concept and angle, and share your ideas with us!

How do you envision using our space?

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