Welcome to the Hibiscus Room


The hibiscus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers on our property, coming in shades of red, pink, orange, and yellow. Situated on the first floor of the villa, this room is named for this gorgeous flower. Watch the hummingbird feed on these flowers throughout the day, and find yourself tucked into this cozy room at night. Enjoying delicious home cooked Jamaican meals, gazing out into the horizon from the 3rd floor, and chilling in a garden hammock await you on your getaway to Coral Cottage Jamaica!



Peak (Nov. 1 - May 15)
$100/night Sun – Thu
$110/night Fri – Sat

Off-Peak (May 16 - Oct. 31)
$90/night Sun – Thu
$100/night Fri – Sat

Hibiscus Room Gallery